2013 has begun. And I am embracing a culmination of change with a new Tumblr. The above photo is one of my beautiful best friends, just after sunrise on the 1st day of this year - her birthday. And it is beautiful people like herself that pull me through time.

2012 may have seen the blooming of what has been referred to as a ‘shift in consciousness’, but we still live in a world run by corporations who have more interest in controlling information than in disclosure of knowledge to the people. Money is used to belie our freedom, to keep things hidden, and to keep us silent. The poorest are still getting further and further left behind, but I have faith in the love within people that is vibrating higher and higher. We are all made from the same star stuff, and are all living as part of a Oneness with the Earth. So even in darkness, I believe there is potential for encroachment of light.

With my eyes wide open, each day continues to be filled with wonder and awe, adventures and mysteries, and a lifestream of intimate surprises.